One of the most amazing things about being an academic is supporting passionate and talented young scientists as they begin their research careers. I’ve included here a list of students who have graduated from my research group. If you’d like to know more about any individual projects, please do get in touch.

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology)

Brooke Swash (2015): Assessing unmet psychosocial needs in haematological cancer care – Do needs predict adjustment and outcome?

Doctor of Counselling Psychology

Seyla Dogan (2016): Acceptance and commitment skills training in groups versus self-help for people with public speaking anxiety

Samantha Williams (2013): A mixed method investigation of unmet psychosocial needs in children of a parent with chronic illness

Dawn Gearing (2012): Diagnosing and treating the voices – A qualitative investigation of people with auditory hallucinations

Val Harrington (2011): Understanding the psychological counselling needs of young adults with specific/pragmatic language impairment who are experiencing problems with psychosocial adjustment

Masters Degree in Psychology

Martina Ferrari (2014): Unmet psychological supportive care needs and their relation with psychological wellbeing – A survey of Italian cancer survivors

Richard O’Rourke (2013): Cognitive defusion in children – Measurement of the associated processes of mindfulness and wellbeing

Clare Charman (2012): Acceptability and use of third-wave therapies in psychosocial oncology

Jayne Joy (2011)Perfectionism and body image dissatisfaction – Do acceptance and mindfulness play a role in mediating their relationship with eating disorder symptoms?

Danielle Wilson-Smith (2010): Exploring the psychosocial needs of children whose parent has cancer – child and parent perspectives

Helen Renshaw (2010): The effects of volunteer work on psychological wellbeing

Samantha Swann (2008): Trainee counselling psychologists’ experiences of self-care